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Hosted Checkout Cordova/Ionic Integration

Question asked by aaleali on Nov 5, 2020



As a Point of Sale company, we integrate Vantiv/WorldPay services with our application and online ordering.  We use cross-platform dev tools such as Apache Cordova with ionic framework for our mobile application development.  Up to this point, we have used an iframe to show the Worldpay hosted checkout form and it has worked rather well.  We send the Initial request to get the payment id on the server we then load the hosted checkout page in an iframe on the mobile device passing it the payment id to load the form.  The same methodology still works on android devices.  However, Apple has deprecated UIWebView control which we use to show the hosted checkout iframe and is recommending that WkWebView controls replace UIWebView controls.  The issue is that, while UIWebView (the old technology) didn't enforce CORS, the new technology (WkWebView) does.  What is the CORS policy of WorldPay in regards to iFrame?  Are there any recommendation for best-practices that we should follow?  Thanks in advance.