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TriPOS Cloud - How to display TIP Option along with Sale amount ?

Question asked by rkedlaya on Oct 30, 2020

While Integrating POS application with TriPOS cloud using MX915 device, we see that TIP options appear first, with selection for TIP amount or %. On entering the TIP amount, total amount gets displayed, waiting for Card to be swiped.


But from usability perspective, it is not convenient, to display Tip option without displaying Sale amount. 

Is there any configuration parameter or any work around to display Sale amount and TIP amount together in the display panel ?


Other option suggested was to make Authorization API for swiping with Sale amount, print receipt and take TIP amount with  signature on paper, to complete the authorization.


With good features of MX915 types of device, business does not want to go back to old way of printing receipts and taking tip manually with signature etc.


Appreciate if there any suggestions and instructions to work through this requirement.