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The DMN response for non USD currencies (BIQ)

Question asked by bjekici on Oct 9, 2020

Hi Worldpay support, support, worldpaydeveloper, testworldpay


I am a PO of Broker IQ which full integration with Worldpay.


We are currently experiencing an issue with the Worldpay in Production which prevents us from performing third party checks for all non USD transactions going through your gateway. 



The DMN response for non USD currencies transactions is very limiting (comparing to USD) and makes our third party checks for transactions not working properly. 


Our customer ICM reported : "ICM reported that they are unable to see in DMN the card number and name for EUR and GBP deposits, but able to see that information for USD deposits." 



So it is particularly important to include card holder name and last 4 digits of card number, but would prefer to have same DMN as for USD transactions. 


additionally: "they (ICM) have looked into the way we are acknowledging the notification and they have advised that we are sending the HTTP status code 200 but not the [OK] in response."


I have attached example of DMN we receive for USD and non USD transaction.




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