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Adding a shopperEmailAddress value causes "Error parsing json, please check json request"

Question asked by rmdjb on Sep 29, 2020

We are able to create and validate a json request using but when adding anything other than null to the shopperEmailAddress key we receive an error message 'Error parsing json, please check json request'


Our json code is as follows:

{"token" : "tokenValue", "orderType" : null, "amount" : 123.45, "currencyCode" : "GBP", "orderDescription" : "Test", "customerOrderCode" : "1552", "name" : "Test Customer", "billingAddress" : {"address1" : "Test Street", "city" : "London", "postalCode" : "TEST 123", "countryCode" : "GB"}, "deliveryAddress": {}, "shopperEmailAddress" : "", "shopperIpAddress" : null, "shopperSessionId" : null}


Does anybody know if shopperEmailAddress is still a valid attribute, or whether there are any formatting issues in "shopperEmailAddress" : ""?


(We are putting in proper values for both "token" and "shopperEmailAddress" but I have entered dummy values here)