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CARDSAVE iframe JavaScript attempt to initiate

Question asked by prosolve on Sep 25, 2020

Using the Cardsave Iridium gateway. The payment part of the website is via an iFrame held on the main website. This has been in place for many years working fine. Recently though cards that require a 3DS check fail to return to the iFrame which just goes blank after the bank check attempt. Using F12 debug in browser and we see the error as below. Please note our live system failed so to remove any doubt I used the sample integration code within the iFrame. Note this works on the developer merchant account but fails on live merchant accounts. Has something changed recently? 


VM10 ThreeDSecureLandingPage.aspx:9 Unsafe JavaScript attempt to initiate navigation for frame with URL 'https://***************************/PaymentForm.aspx' from frame with URL 'https://***************************/ThreeDSecureLandingPage.aspx'. The frame attempting navigation is sandboxed, and is therefore disallowed from navigating its ancestors.


Fails for both direct and hosted options.