Discussion created by yaroslavhalai on Sep 11, 2020



We have the Vantiv payment terminal. When the user removes the card before he/she either hears the sound from the terminal (about a successful transaction) or sees the message "Please Remove Card". In one of many tries, we've got our terminal stuck at "This Lane Closed" message. In the logs we see the following errors:


"developerMessage": "ERROR:A PIN pad exception occurred. No processor request attempted.\r\nEXCEPTION: IngenicoRBA 61. response flds=1\r\n",
"errorType": "",
"exceptionMessage": "IngenicoRBA 61. response flds=1",
"exceptionTypeFullName": "TriPos.PinPads.Exceptions.PinPadException",
"exceptionTypeShortName": "PinPadException"


Could someone describe to me what these errors and messages mean?