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Potential triPOS bug (v5.16.1) - Ingenico devices locking up

Question asked by frank on Jul 14, 2020

triPOS version: 5.16.1  

PIN pad: Ingenico iSC-250

Problem:  when performing a lane configuration update (eg: PUT api/v1/configuration/lanes/ip/9999) and "forgetting"  to include a required value (eg: isContactlessMsdEntryAllowed), the device is no-longer accessible after receiving the "Invalid field values" response from triPOS, and any subsequent attempts to correct the update request or reset the lane (via POST api/v1/idle) result in a "500 - Internal Server Error" (logs indicate that the lane is "in use").

Expected behavior: lane should be available to take corrective actions after a bad request, and/or be able to be reset by submitting an Idle request.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Submit a lane configuration update for an Ingenico IP lane, making sure to exclude the required isContactlessMsdEntryAllowed property; verify the proper "Invalid field values" response
  • Correct the previous request and submit.  A "500 - Internal Server Error" is received; examining the triPOS logs shows that the lane is "in use".
  • Attempt to reset the lane by submitting an Idle request; same "500 - Internal Server Error" is received.

Lane can no-longer be accessed without restarting the triPOS service


[Edit]: attached Postman collection which reproduces the problem (edit the collection variables to suit).


[EDIT 2]:  CANNOT be reproduced in v5.17.0