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More Comprehensive 3-D Secure Support on 610 API

Question asked by jzeal on Jun 3, 2020

Looking at the most recent 610 API documentation (v2.18), it looks like there's only limited support for ecommerce-related 3-D Secure products: Group 002 for "Verified By Visa" and Group 003 for "Mastercard SecureCode".


We're interested in broader card support-- being able to handle 3-D Secure data for American Express and Discover cards too.  It looks like the ISO8583 integration is more prepared to handle this-- Field 126 will support all four brands' data.  Will similar support be extended to the 610 API?  Is there a timeline?


Similarly, we're now starting to see 3-D Secure v2 data being provided.  The current 610 API doesn't appear to have any way to pass either a 3-D Secure version number, or the Directory Server Transaction ID that's typically supplied with 3DS v2 transactions.  Is versioning handled automatically?  Or will there be an update allowing us to explicitly pass this data soon?