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Problems with sFTP batch settlement on test server

Question asked by hnearhood on May 15, 2020



We certified our middleware payment platform with Litle on September of last year for HTTPS online auths and sFTP batch settlements.


Recently, a customer told us that they were unable to settle batches on the test servers. They can authorize test transactions and connect to the test servers, but the server eats their settlement file without returning a response.


We tried to settle a test batch on our end and found that we are getting the same behavior. We can authorize test transactions fine, but when we go to settle the test batch, we upload the file successfully and then wait for an hour with no response file generated.


We have not heard of any issues with production. This is only on the test side.


As far as we’re aware, nothing has changed between our certification environment and the one we are using now to test settlement.


Could anybody offer any insight into why we are able to authorize fine but are unable to settle?