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Switching From eCommerce to Express Hosted Payments

Question asked by kschaller79 on May 13, 2020

We currently have an Vantiv Worldpay eCommerce API payment integration solution in production for one of our clients. We'd like to move away from PCI-DSS compliance to Express Hosted Payments, but before we initiate this conversation with our client, we need to know the business impacts it will have on our client to switch to this platform. For example, will there still be iReports and an FTP report processing system? We do not wish to use eProtect or a tokenization system; we have decided not to have any payments made on our web sites. Can anyone direct me to someone who can highlight the business differences in each system, payment costs, etc, or documentation that defines the differences? We would like to start this development in the next couple of weeks if possible. I have tried the Contact Us partner page a couple of times, but nobody has reached out so it must not work.