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TriPOS PASS Card On File APIs

Question asked by hung123ngo on May 11, 2020

I am using PASS(Payment Account Secure Storage) to store card on file.  The PASS overview describes using the PaymentAccountQuery to query the PASS records. However, the PaymentAccountQuery method is not available in the TRIPOS Rest APIs. In addition, the documentation also mentions flagging a PASS record using the  PASSUpdaterStatus and PASSUpdaterBatchStatus and properties in the request. These properties are also not in the TriPOS Rest APIs. 


I am currently using the following three APIs to handle card on file:

/api/v1/paymentAccount (POST)

/api/v1/paymentAccount/{paymentAccountId}  (PUT/GET)


Is there a different set of APIs or SDK for handing PASS records?  I don't want to use OmniToken for Card on File transactions.