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Contacting My Partner Manger

Question asked by swainjk on Apr 23, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by bcartwright

I am a Worldpay developer/dealer partner that has some issues with testing environment and the new iQ portal.


I have been unable to contact my partner manager for the past couple of months. The partner telephone number either doesn't answer or goes to a voicemail that asks me to leave a message to so someone can return my call "within 2 hours". I have left numerous messages over the past couple of months without a call back. Emails to the support go unanswered or received only automated responses. Emails to my previous manager are bounced back as rejected or invalid, and since his telephone number doesn't ring through anymore, I assume that he has left the company.


I have also sent emails to iQ support and only received a response that they could not identify my merchant account from the information provided. I get that answer even though I have told them on numerous occasions that I am not a merchant, but a developer/dealer. The customer server center in the Philippines can't seem to understand me and I can't understand them. They keep asking me to verify my merchant information. When I finally got a supervisor to understand that I was a dealer/developer and wanted help with Partner iQ, she switched me to another number that offered the same message that they would call me back within 2 hours. No calls ever came.


I understand that many of us are impacted by the current health crisis, but FIS Global needs to fix this lack of support. I am located about 800 miles from Jacksonville, but I am getting so frustrated that I am almost ready to hop in my car, make the drive, and stand on somebody's desk until I get an answer and the help that I need.


Does anyone know how I can contact Partner Support?