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Avoiding the Debit/Credit question on PIN Pad (TriPOS Cloud)

Question asked by on Apr 22, 2020
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So, a request I've gotten from clients that are shut down due to COVID-19, but will be opening soon is to make the payment as touchless as possible. So, for TriPOS Cloud there are two big things to do:

1) Set confirmOriginalAmount to false

2) Set promptForSignature to false

(Also, I change isManualEntryAllowed to false as well - not sure if that's needed).


I tried setting allowDebit to false, to skip the Credit/Debit question for debit cards, but when I do that, it still prompts with Credit/Debit on my test machine. If I select Credit, it proceeds as normal. If I select Debit, it simply declines. What I want to do is block the Credit/Debit choice. Making it so that it still shows "Credit/Debit", but Debit simply fails is a bad experience in multiple ways. (I don't want the choice, and I don't want it to display a choice where one of the options fails.)


So, is there a workaround?


(Technical notes: the status code returned is UnsupportedCard, and the full detail is "Card is debit only card but the configuration does not allow for debit transactions")