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Better option for Custom .Net Integration

Question asked by asifch on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by kmartin

Hi, I am new to Vantiv Payment Gateway Integration, We are working on the get the Payment gateway implemented for an in-house application where the payment will be processed both from the Web app and a Mobile App.

The functionality we will need is mostly the Sales, Return and maybe Tokenization.


So far I have studied the Express Interface for doing the integration. We are using the Microsoft .Net for Integration purposes. In the Documents, it is stated that the Express Requests can be made both using he Soap and plain XML. Also in another document, it is specified that the SOAP interface is no longer being updated.

So will it be a good option to use the SOAP interface for now or we should stick to the XML interface, as Soap will be simpler and easier to implement?


Also, I have found out about the "Vantiv eCommerce .NET SDK", Is this SDK is different from the Express or it is the same and should we consider this as well?