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Can CC Tokens / Auth Tokens be Shared

Question asked by fsc_it on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by tboumil

We are implementing an e-commerce channel for our organization.  We currently use an ERP that requests a CC token from Vantiv and then discards the original CC data.  This ERP also requests authorization codes from Vantiv on the tokenized CC and stores this value.  This process is handled by human customer service reps.  We don't actually bill the customer and charge the CC until the product ships out the door, usually 2 days later.


In the e-commerce site, we'd like to have the same basic process:

>  Customer CC tokenized with the same value that we have in the ERP

>  Order from the site authorize the amount on the CC and provide an authorization number

>  The CC token should be able to match up with the same token in the ERP and the authorization code transferred

>  The final charge (from the on-premises ERP) should be able to make use of the downloaded authorization code and complete the process


Can this be done?  That is, can the same CC tokenization be transferred between systems?  Can the same authorization number be used across systems?


If not, what do other companies do that allow customers to order across different channels.  We are a B2B company.