How do I save details in Merchant Admin Interface?

Discussion created by conorcan on Nov 13, 2019


I have successfully logged in to the MAI, and I have selected the Account link from the left-hand menu (in Test Mode).



What I would like to do:

I would like to change some of the form values (specifically 'Redirect Mac Secret' in this case).


The Problem:

Unfortunately, I cannot find a 'Submit' or 'Save' button to preserve edited details.  For example, I can type text into the 'Redirect Mac Secret' field but there is no way that I can see to save the changes. The only field I can save is the XML password field - but this has a pencil icon next to it whereas the 'Redirect Mac Secret' field doesn't.


Please let me know how I can edit the 'Redirect Mac Secret' field and the account details in general. Thank you.