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Transaction amount limit in CheckVerification and CheckSale

Question asked by on Sep 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by kmartin



I was trying to add validation on the value of Transaction Amount field in my app when calling CheckVerification and CheckSale methods, I just realize that

1- current max value is 6500$

 2- when using a value over 6500 say 6501 I will get different error codes and messages for the same issue ?


CheckVerification will return

 ...<Response><ExpressResponseCode>90</ExpressResponseCode><ExpressResponseMessage>Response Not Mapped</ExpressResponseMessage><HostResponseCode>9</HostResponseCode><HostResponseMessage>The method or operation is not implemented.</HostResponseMessage>....



and in case CheckSale will return

 .....<Response><ExpressResponseCode>105</ExpressResponseCode><ExpressResponseMessage>Not Authorized</ExpressResponseMessage><HostResponseCode>5</HostResponseCode><HostResponseMessage>Threshold exceeded: Single Transaction Amount Max</HostResponseMessage>....



I can't really decide whether I should design my application to have a configuration parameter to store the max limit of Transaction Amount field ( and use if for both methods) or should I catch the above error codes and return a user error message indicating that amount exceeded the max limit?