Which API to use?

Discussion created by ytersaak on Aug 21, 2019

Due to recent acquisitions, our ACH processing account was recently converted to use CheckCommerce instead of SecureNet. We had API integration with SecureNet which was lost. We now need to implement similar integration with CheckCommerce. 


From what we can tell CheckCommerce does not provide a direct API except to large resellers on the back-end. It is up to the reseller of their service to provide access to an API on the front-end, in this case, WorldPay. The WorldPay API has ACH ability built into it according to the online documents. However, they are not allowing any new integrations (they refer to them as "certifications") according to the WorldPay website; they refer you to Vantiv for immediate integration. Vantiv appears to essentially be the current USA branch of WorldPay.


The Vantiv API docs show ACH capability, are all branded WorldPay and are all very actively being updated, so it looks like that may be the right API to use.


Can you someone confirm that the "eComm cnpAPI" is the right API to use for processing eChecks through our merchant accounts? Would be really good to be able to talk to someone so we don't have to be guessing who bought whom and which APIs we need to use.