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What is the correct module is for Vantiv integration

Question asked by mitcht on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by jlazanowski

You may remember me from late 2017, when we worked together on the Magento1 Litle Integration  I am migrating our site to Magento 2 at this time, and was wondering what you suggest the best module is for Vantiv integration. I’ve downloaded a module written by Vantiv (2018) available in the Magento Marketplace ( but it’s doesn’t indicate a method for composer integration. I’ve included the zip file that downloaded from Magento Marketplace.


Here is the command I’m using to attempt to install it via composer, hoping it’s the same thing.


`composer require vantiv/payment`


It’s not compatible with Magento 2.3 due to requirements that cannot be met (lower version of php7, outdated magento framework modules etc… nothing bad, just needs tweaked).


I have not done a diff on the composer-required module and the zip file, but I’ll assume it’s the same thing.  I was going to attempt to fork the Vantiv github repo and make the needed adjustments to bring the module to work with Magento 2.3, but I cannot find the repo in github.   I’ve tried searching for the classnames in the module in google with no luck. That search usually nets me a search result with github.


I don’t mind reworking the code for you and submitting it back via pull request. What is important to us is to share the work and stay PCI compliant as an organization.  I would hope that the changes needed will be published back to packagist, or repo.magento so as to ensure we don’t override Vantiv in some un-compliant way.


Thanks for your time,

I look forward to hearing back from you. brian.arnold