Testing ACH payments

Discussion created by rtonev on Jul 16, 2019

Hi all, I am working on an old Express Interface integration in WebForms project. It uses SOAP messages through Express interface. There were some problems occurred because of the latest API interface changes. I fixed them and now I am testing against "Express Web Service"-the certification endpoints. Everything is fine with Credit Cards part. As for Checking/Savings accounts(ACH payments) I get status code success-200 on hitting "https://transaction.elementexpress.com/CheckCredit",-transaction status "Pending", then in couple days I run statu updater which again gains Success but transaction is still Pending. I am using valid but fake(test only)AccountNumber and RoutingNumber. My guess here is that due to the specific nature of ACH payment,they can not be simulated end-to-end without real existing AccountNumber and RoutingNumber. Is that true?
Also the only way to test ACH payment I found is with specific amounts 33.33;33.34 etc.. is there any other way for testing. Thanks in advance