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PASS Tokens and Credential On File - Failure Scenarios

Question asked by frank on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by kmartin

I'm looking to assess (a bit tardy, I know) some testing scenarios for my team as we begin augmentation of our existing Express API integration with respect to the Credential on File (CoF) functionality.  As it's our understanding, the NetworkTransactionId will need to be persisted along with our existing PASS "token" information (PaymentAccountID).  This is all fine and good, but we're going to need some clarification on what happens if an invalid NetworkTransactionId is submitted on any subsequent request(s) through the API/network.  For example, a CreditCardSale is issued using PASS with the last NetworkTransactionId and appropriate submission/payment type, and a successful response returned with a new NetworkTransactionId. However, due to some unforeseen event, our system is unable to persist this new value (database connection drop, unrelated application crash, etc.).  What would happen on the next transaction using PASS and the previous NetworkTransactionId?  Would the transaction be declined, or would there simply be a "downgrade"?