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Authorization API request | Token not found

Question asked by satishweb on Apr 10, 2019
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I'm a Software Engineer with Skillz. I wish to know the pre-live url/conditions to accept/process eProtect requests.

Right now with every request to litle I'm getting a response code - 822 / Token not found. However, Test cases 14 and 15 in Table 2-9 in the integration guide send the correct response codes. For example here's the response that I get for the failure: 


failed an auth with order ID 1520190410235644, response code 822, message Token was not found, and json {"response":"822","message":"Token was not found","authCode":null,"avsResult":"34","cardValidationResult":null,"litleTxnId":83013463953900025,"orderId":"1520190410235644","postDate":"2019-04-10T00:00:00Z"}


With  "paypage_registration_id": "cnhJN241WWM1cFBoUXU3TkF0S3haYTNkc3VyZmc3OERkM2U1T1dKN1NRekovWXc3d1Avck9lRGIyRkxLak54aQ=="


Also, the url we send this request to is: ''

It'll be great to step into the right direction and resolve/understand the issue. 


Please let me know.