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Help with TriPOS and VeriFone VX690 via USB, no connection

Question asked by jraghanti on Mar 29, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by paulblick

Hi, I'm new to Worldpay, but have previously worked with Moneris.


I've installed TriPOS and am trying to use a Verifone VX690 via USB. I plugged in the device, installed the drivers, forced it to COM9. I see the device in the Windows device manager, using COM9.

I modified the TriPOS.config file (shown below) to point to COM9 and driver VeriFoneCXpi.


The device doesn't seem to be picking up any of the settings from TriPOS.config, and when I try to connect to it with the compiled sample apps, I get an error:

<developerMessage>ERROR:POST error
EXCEPTION: Could not find a Configured PIN pad tethered to the lane specified in the request: 9999


Any help or guidance would be appreciate to get these things working together.


Example from TriPOS.config:

<serialLane description="Lane 1" laneId="9999">