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Chargeback Process Flow and API Callbacks

Question asked by darrens on Mar 25, 2019



My name is Darren and I am a developer for We have a cloud based billing platform that integrates PayFac solution. We are building out the Chargeback functionality. Looking into the API documentation I can identify the relevant calls in code but I wish to understand more about the charge back process. I cannot locate any process flow between the cycles listed and the activities. 

  1. Retrieval Request
  2. First Chargeback
  3. Pre-arbitration
  4. Issuer Arbitration
  5. Issuer Declined Pre-Arb
  6. Arbitration
  7. Chargeback Reversal

It might be me not being able to identify the correct documentation but I was hoping to identify the activities and sequence of events that a user will carry out when a chargeback is triggered in the Vantiv Portal (UI).


Something like a detailed version of the Collaboration Dispute Processing Flow ( will greatly help as well.


My second question is I do not see any callback or webhooks functionality in the Chargeback API. I guess we have the ability to query the API for all chargebacks but I am wondering if there is some form of Pub-Sub model provided by the API.


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