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Windows 10 and/or Windows Defender not playing nice with SREDKey Devices

Question asked by jbachman on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by jbachman

We have a merchant that upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  They are using SREDKey devices with the Express platform.  The devices worked when using Windows 7, but they can’t get them working with Windows 10.  They get to the Express hosted payment page with the message "Waiting for input".  They enter the card number and expiration date on the device and when they hit enter the device is supposed to paste the payload to the browser and then they should get a message "Input captured, ready to process credit transaction".  But there appears to be no communication back to the browser after entering the card data through the device.  If they put their cursor in a Notepad document, the payload does get pasted into the document.  They have tried this using Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.  They are using Windows Defender for anti-virus and firewall.  I had them turn Windows Defender off, but it is still not working.  The software hasn't changed, it is just the operating software that has changed.  It works for me on Windows 10, but I am not using Windows Defender.  We had to make changes to our WebRoot security settings to disable the Firewall, Web Shield, and Identity Shield.  Any ideas or suggestions of what settings need to change would be greatly appreciated.