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Retrieve a Transaction

Question asked by abhayjb on Jan 23, 2019
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Hi nnagisetty support christina.pedulla

Worldpay Total REST API - Transactions 

With reference to the above API, i would like to understand the following;

1. In order to retrive a transaction using a transactionId, is it mandatory to initiate the transaction from Vantiv - Express enviornment ? 

2. Can a transaction be retrived when a Vantiv (as a card-processor) is is not used at a merchant in a given region ?

3. Can a transaction be retived based on tokenised PAN of a card holder who has authorised our app to read their transaction?

4. Can Vantive API be used to fetch transactions in APAC ?



We are a startup, based in Singapore, building payment-linked-loyalty-platform and exploring card-processing/payment-gateways who can provide us API's we can use to build our solution.


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