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What is recommended pairing workflow in a service center environment?

Question asked by asampal on Dec 13, 2018

Is there a recommended automatable way to pair terminals to multiple lanes in an environment where, for example, there is a pool of agents, a pool of terminals? It would seem to be a pretty tedious (manual) operation to go through if the activation has to be manually obtained from the terminal to be submitted in a lane creation API call. Imagine that the desire is to pair 10 lanes to 10 devices.


My assumption here is that if each terminal should be able to target 10 lines of business (MIDs) you would need to call the lane creation API 10 times for each of the 10 devices, each time manually providing the activationCode shown on the terminal for the call. If this pairing is lost upon a connection loss, things get even worse. Am I missing a way that all of this could be automated?