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Old card on file - saved before new requirements

Question asked by dov765 on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by khagemann

In the new Visa requirements for card on file - when processing a payment using a previously saved card on file (subsequent payment) - I need to send to set the <originalNetworkTransactionId> element to the value of <networkTransactionId> value from original authorization.


My question is regarding an old saved card on file, that was saved before this new requirement.

For a card like this - I have the token saved, but I don't have the <networkTransactionId> from the original authorization.


How should I process a card like this?


Can I process the card with the token I have, and leave <originalNetworkTransactionId> empty?

In that case - should I treat this like an initial authorization - set the <processingType> to "initialCOF", and save the returned <networkTransactionId>?

Or since I have token - I should not set the <processingType>, since this is a subsequent payment?

In that case will a <networkTransactionId> be returned?