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How can I fix Magent 2 and Vantiv Configuration iframe error?

Question asked by coco on Sep 19, 2018



I'm trying to configure Vantiv via Magento 2 platform to accept credit card, but am facing a configuration issue.

What I have done so far is, filled in some required information on Basic Vantiv setting and Credit Card Setting on Magento, and then no payment form, which is supposed to be shown under the pre-selected Credit Card option on Payment Method section, is shown on a frontend. Nothing happens as click 'place order' button with the state.

On backend, we found a following error message; Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).


Magento 2 configuration iframe error


Is there someone who experienced like that and know a solution?

Your advice is highly appreciated!


Thank you!