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How to authorize apple pay transaction again if original authorization was expired?

Question asked by jpd11 on Aug 28, 2018

I am currently integrating apple pay using littleOnlineRequest v9.14

Worldpay cnpAPI Reference Guide API 9.14 v2.0 

According to the document, authorization will expire in 7 days. If the product was not shipped within 7 days and authorization is expired, how to re-authorize same apple pay transaction? Consider following scenario:

  1. I call Authorization using "Submitting the Apple Pay PKPaymentToken in cnpAPI" approach
  2. The response is as follows :








               <applicationPrimaryAccountNumber>App PAN</applicationPrimaryAccountNumber>

               <applicationExpirationDate>App PAN Exp Date</applicationExpirationDate>

               <currencyCode>Currency Code</currencyCode>

               <transactionAmount>Amount of Transaction</transactionAmount>

               <cardholderName>Name of cardholder</cardholderName>

               <deviceManufacturerIdentifier>Id of Device Mfr</deviceManufacturerIdentifier>

               <paymentDataType>Type of Payment Data</paymentDataType>

               <onlinePaymentCryptogram>Payment Cryptogram</onlinePaymentCryptogram>

               <eciIndicator>eCommerece Indicator</eciIndicator>



3. After transaction is expired, how can I authorize same transaction again using above values?


I don't want to use recurring or installment. Is it possible to use applepayResponse fields and authorize again?

I couldn't find any model in litlexml to set applepayResponse fields for Authorization.

Or do I need to use registerTokenRequest and use CardTokenType for Authorization?