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cnpAPI service not returning content-type in specific cases

Question asked by munshad on Aug 27, 2018



We are currently using the pre-live URL for cnpAPI services - authorize, credit and capture. 


We are using Jersey Rest Client to invoke the service and when we request a certain content-type like application/xml, we get the response back with that content-type as expected which is good. 


But when the service returns errors like the below ones, the content-type is not sent back, which is causing issues for us as the client assuming the content-type to be application/octect-stream. 



<cnpOnlineResponse version="12.5"
xmlns="" response="1" message="System Error - Call Vantiv"/>




<cnpOnlineResponse version="1.0" xmlns="" response="3" message="Invalid credentials. Contact"></cnpOnlineResponse>


  1. Can the pre-live service always return content-type? 
  2. Will the behavior be similar in production? Or will  production service always return content-type?

Thank you.