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PIN and signature capture across credit/debit payments

Question asked by asampal on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by smoore4moma

In our (we are a payment middleware vendor) POS implementation, for card-present (CP) payments, we would like to not have to prompt the user for the specific payment method (MOP) they will use, since that they should be free to use whatever is most convenient for them as long as it's one of the allowed payment methods (MOPs) supported by the merchant we're acting on behalf of.


Ideally, the card used (i.e. debit/credit, EMV-capable or not) should generate the appropriate prompting wrt PIN or signature entry, depending on how a merchant is configured wrt MOPs. The need for capturing PINs or signatures can also sometimes vary based on the amount being handled, or based on how a branded debit card, for example, is asked to be processed (as credit or debit, for branded debit - which should be a user choice).


With the above in mind, and with reference to your triPOS Cloud API, could you please comment on how PIN and signature capture are handled?