Is there a detailed list of supported payment methods?

Discussion created by asampal on Aug 9, 2018
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I initially asked this as a comment to the triPOS Cloud Overview page, but I think this forum is a better place for it.


We are investigating a potential integration with Vantiv (triPOS Cloud, specifically).


Do you have a comprehensive list of card-present methods of payment (MOPs) supported with the different EMV certified processors? I'm looking for something relatively comprehensive, e.g. see this list. We have also integrated with CardConnect, which offers a product similar to triPOS Cloud, and have found that the details around their support for specific MOPs are not always clearly spelled out. Since the set of MOPs which we can expect to be able to handle is dependent on the processor's platform support for the MOPs, the gateway integration with the processor (Vantiv's triPOS Cloud, in this case), and the terminal software (because hard-coded card AID and prompt handling might not allow for some MOPs), it's easy to see why there can be confusion.


We would appreciate any specifics wrt the above. TIA