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Insert or Swipe Card Timeout

Question asked by smoore4moma on Aug 1, 2018

I am trying to determine where to find the timeout setting when a user is prompted to "Insert or Swipe Card" on a Verifone Vx805.  Is that a Verifone setting or a triPOS (Direct) setting?  It seems to wait 60 seconds and I would like to set it to 30. 


This is the error when it times out:


DeveloperMessage = "ERROR:A PIN pad exception occurred. No processor request attempted.\r\nEXCEPTION: VeriFoneXPI C31 response is timeout\r\n"


ExceptionMessage = "VeriFoneXPI C31 response is timeout"


ExceptionTypeFullName = "TriPos.PinPads.Exceptions.PinPadException"