Datacap released a new version of NETePay (5.06.11) for opt out EMV Contactless

Discussion created by u452924 on May 2, 2018

To comply with the Canadian code of conduct and any single merchant that wants to opt out of supporting contactless, Datacap has released a new version of NETePay supporting Vantiv Integrated Payments, now Worldpay Canadian EMV through Global Payments.  


What's new in this release?

  • All file builds are defaulted to enable contactless, however this new version supports a new parameter to enable or disable contactless payments by a simple “on/off” PSCS configuration. 
  • This new version is now used when any stage file is built on PSCS for a Vantiv IP Canadian EMV NETePay. 


What's important about this release?

  • This NETePay must be used with the newly released version DSIEMVClientX 1.26 and a Verifone Vx820 PIN pad running XPI 12.07.05.  
  • DSIEMVClientX 1.26 is not compatible with any other Canadian NETePay.  
  • Merchants will need to notify Worldpay if they plan to "opt out" of EMV Contactless. The PSCS stage file will be updated and a new parameter download will need to be executed on the local machine. 


The install package is available on the Datacap software download site.  


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