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Where can I find a valid JCB test card number?

Question asked by steve-0 on Apr 18, 2018
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I am currently working to expand the list of supported credit card types the application I work on accepts to include JCB. I have made the code changes on our side (i.e. passing a type value of "JC" when processing a JCB card). However, I am having difficulty tracking down a JCB test card number for Vantiv (something that will work in a pre-live environment not the sandbox). I have checked older versions of the Litle XML Reference guide and the newer cnpAPI Reference Guide and cannot find any JCB test card numbers. Likewise, Google did not turn up any results.


Where can I find a JCB test card number that will work in the pre-live environment, so that our QA team can verify that JCB works?