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Semi-Integrated Ingenico ICT-220 setup

Question asked by patientrev on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Worldpay Developer Community Support Team

Hello, we have a potential new client for our web-based payment portal and are tasked with communicating with Ingenico ICT-220 card readers.  It is my understanding these card readers are currently set up to communicate directly with Vantiv, however we will need to design a middle-ware service that can communicate with the readers in sort of a "semi-integrated" fashion.  We have worked with DataCap's TranCloud device before, however the cost is too high for this project to need these devices as the card readers are scattered across over 100 different facilities which would require a TranCloud device to be installed in over 100 different locations.  Is there another API (and preferably a .NET SDK) available that can assist with communication to these readers over an IP network?  We don't need the cloud to be able to communicate with the readers as we can write a local service installed on the workstations that can handle this portion of the communication.  Ideally we would like to send the "amount to charge" to the device and have it display that on the screen for the staff to then just swipe/tap/insert the customer's card where we would get an approval/denial/receipt message back from the device.  We would then format the receipt and ideally send another call to the device to print or just have it print automatically from the first call.