Community Corner: Top stories the week of Feb 9th

Discussion created by daniperea on Feb 9, 2018

This past week at Vantiv ONE, we discovered productivity hacks, took a trip to the future of wearable technology, and stopped nickel and diming (literally) thanks to a new parking app.


Check out our new stories:


6 surprising hacks to achieve peak DevFlow:


6 productivity hacks for developers


Are constant email alerts and never-ending task lists preventing you from getting into a productive flow? Try our list of 6 tips and tricks to reduce distractions and increase your output at work.


Where we’re going, we don’t need wristbands:


5 Futuristic Applications of Fitness Wearables


We predicted 5 futuristic applications for the technology that powers the humble fitness wearables of today. From medical alert tattoos to augmented reality exercise apps, we took a look at what the future of fitness tech could bring.


No quarters, no problems: a new public utility app is a street parking gamechanger.


public utilities app is a street parking gamechanger 


There’s a new way to pay for parking in Boston. ParkBoston is a modern mobile payment app for frictionless and worry-free street parking. Parag Patil blogs on how the app changed his spending habits, and why he enjoys paying more for convenience.


What were your top reads this week?