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how to setup in woocommerce?

Question asked by enodotmy on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by radialstudios


I am a web designer. I am helping my client create a website with Woocommerce. They said they currently are using Vantic as their payment gateway.


Their e-commerce required the some function to the payment :

1. normal online purchase - direct by and pay with credit card. I believe you have a plugin for Woocommerce, am I right?

2. Manual add order - admin manual add order at the admin page, need to key in customer's credit card information to process payment. Is there an option for admin to key in the credit card info at the admin page?

3. On hold payment - some customer request to place order first but made the payment later (maybe a week or a month). Will the system automatic process the payment or can do manually?

4. recurring order - They have recurring order service. Will the admin section keep client credit card information? Can admin edit it? Will the payment automatic process?


Please advise.


Thank you