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Credit Card Verification Screen

Question asked by on Jan 25, 2018

We are using Unilog for our Ecommerce platform, and they are integrating Vantiv services for us.  In our checkout process during the credit card verification portion, Unilog is passing billing and shipping information to Vantiv that is then being displayed to our customer's screen.  They are successfully passing a billling address and a differing shipping address.  However, the name for both the billing and shipping address is being displayed as the billing address' name.  By this I mean that if my customer is shipping to a different address than the billing address they enter, the address street, city, state, and zip are coming in correctly, but the billing address name is being placed into the shipping address name field.  Are they missing something, or is this field not editable?


If it is not editable, can we suppress the Vantiv pop up window from displaying the shipping address altogether.


In the attached screencap, I entered Zeus Jones as the name for the billing address, and Jennifer Spitz for the name in the shipping address, and Zeus Jones appeared in both billing and shipping.


Please help.