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VX805 / triPOS store and forward issue: unexpected response

Question asked by mark@vista on Jan 16, 2018
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Our triPOS integration is proceeding apace, but we have just seen a previously unencountered issue with the triPOS service and the VeriFone VX805.


What is our environment?

Windows 10.

VeriFone VX805.

triPOS service version 5.14.


How do we reproduce the issue?

We are processing a payment for $21.00 using a SALE transaction.

EMV is enabled in the config file so the VX805 prompts "Insert or swipe card".

We are using the Vantiv Test Debit Card (9999 9998 0000 9901 PIN: 9901).

After swiping the card, the VX805 prompts for CREDIT or DEBIT selection.

Select DEBIT.

Disconnect from the network to cause store-and-forward to become active.

Confirm the amount (YES).

Enter the PIN (9901) and press the green key.

The display briefly shows "PROCESSING" then "CANCELLED" then returns to the idle message.


What is the issue?

After CANCELLED [dis]appears, the response from the triPOS service is empty.

This means we cannot load the XML we expected to extract the important values for our POS solution.

Currently this causes an error in our solution.


What do we expect?

triPOS to return a non-empty response such as CANCELLED or, perhaps, a response indicating DEBIT cards cannot be processed while offline.


How critical is this issue?

We will work around the issue, but a workaround does not resolve the underlying issue.


Thank you,

Mark Shipman

Payment Integration Developer