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Credit card authorization

Question asked by hbapna on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by tboumil

Hi, My company is planning to use iFrame Payment for credit card transaction. I was going through you api documentation but have some doubts or could not understand some part.


For my application we need to just authorize the credit card (just to find out its a valid credit card or not) but we don't want to charge credit card right away. if authorization is successful then we store the credit card token (returned by Payment Vantiv iFrame). After few days (depends on the response from customer) we charge the credit card and process the order. 

So our system needs to authorized the credit card but need to process payment after few days.


I was looking at the eProtect API and it was mentioned like registration Id is valid only for 24 hours. So In my case how will it work ? Is it possible with Vantiv eProtect solution.


Could you please clarify. That will help me in choosing the payment gateway which satisfy our need.