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Non-unique approval numbers for forwarded payments

Question asked by mark@vista on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by kmartin

We are adding store-and-forward to our triPOS payment integration.

We always use store=automatic and forward=automatic.

Currently, we are developing against triPOS 5.14 on a Windows 10 machine.

We can now successfully cause payments (triPOS sale) to be stored by unplugging the network cable.


In our latest test, there were three stored payment transactions in the triPOS database.


When we plugged the network cable in, the stored transactions were forwarded.


When we reviewed the stored transactions that were "Processed", these three all had an approval number 000043.


Should we expect payments (and refunds?) to have non-unique approval numbers?


We have attached the XML response from the triPOS stored transactions API endpoint where you can see the three storeTransaction elements containing the embedded json blob that carries the approval number.


Many thanks,

Mark Shipman