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Store and forward in tripos.config

Question asked by mark@vista on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by kmartin


May we, please, request clarification of the lane setting:

        <!--When storing, triPOS will decline any transaction greater than this amount. Decimal greater than 0. -->


If we include a decimal point in the number (for example, "100.00") the triPOS service fails to start. How is this consistent with the inline documentation, which states "Decimal greater than 0."?


How does this lane setting combine with, override, is overridden or otherwise with the following "store" setting?

      <!--Allow triPOS to store transactions automatically upon losing connectivity, or merchant chooses to store on per request basis.Values can be 'automatic' or 'perRequest'.-->
      <!--When storing, triPOS will decline any transaction that causes the sum of all unprocessed transactions to exceed this maxiumum amount.Decimal greater than 0.-->

Thank you,

Mark Shipman