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How do we get an XML response from GET /api/v1/storedtransactions?

Question asked by mark@vista on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by kmartin


As part of implementing support for automatic store-and-forward in triPOS PC, we need to interrogate the stored transactions to determine if they have been forwarded and what the final result was (approved or declined).

We use XML as our interface to triPOS.

The testing DB currently has one previously stored transaction.

The XML Metadata page shows a StoredTransactions element with zero, one or many StoredTransaction child elements (good).

The swagger stuff shows a JSON document that is inconsistent with this - there is only one transaction returned.

Our testing shows the XML document returned as the response to our GET /api/v1/storedtransactions is reasonably consistent with the metadata description.

Within a StoredTransaction element of the StoredTransactions parent, the response child element contains a string (according to the metadata and the swagger).

The response "string" is not XML as we expected an XML response to be.


How do we work with this response "string"?


Why does the response element not simply contain a CDATA section to carry what appears to be an embedded document?


Many thanks,

Mark Shipman