AllRecipes serves up personalization

Discussion created by daniperea on Dec 4, 2017

PYMNTS.com’s newest Omni Developer Report takes a deep dive into the digital strategy behind AllRecipes.com. PYMNTs chatted with Esmee Williams, Vice President of Strategy at AllRecipes on how innovations in data tracking have helped make AllRecipes.com a top resource for home chefs.


AllRecipes’s extensive data strategy includes a system to sort recipes and ingredients into thousands of categories so that users can search for meals with certain ingredients or features (ex: ghost peppers + stew).

allrecipes data.png

Plus, those same data tags and categories power the site's shoppable recipes. AllRecipes partners with grocery stores around the US, so that when users search and save recipes on their phone or computer, they can simply click a button to add ingredients to their online shopping carts, and potentially see a geo-targeted coupon for a sweet discount from their grocer.

allrecipes grocery offers.png

Big data can sometimes (ok, many times) get a bad, big-brother-y reputation. But data tracking and strategy can also be a boon for a positive user experience (like the perfect Spotify playlist). What’s your favorite application that uses data to deliver a personalized experience?