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Question asked by stonewater on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Worldpay Developer Community Support Team

To whom it may concern,


We have been a customer of mercury since before vantiv had acquired the company and would like to update our ecommerce website and integrate the vantiv/mercury payment processor. This would replace the plugnpay system we have always used. I have spent 2 days researching this and spent literally hours on the phone with multiple agents and have gotten no where to this point. Each agent I have talked to forwards me to the next and does not know how to get the information we need in order to do this. PLEASE PLEASE can someone help and contact me with the correct info.


If someone would please give myself, or our developer, Mike Barbaro a phone call that would be great and we look forward to talking with you.


Stonewater Salon and Spa


Mike Barbaro, Developer



Daryl Nath, Owner