How to improve your presentation skills: Submit your questions.

Discussion created by daniperea on Oct 9, 2017
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Have you ever experienced slight (or extreme!) panic when asked to present something at a meeting, on a call or to a group? No matter our position, we all find ourselves giving presentations every day, pitching our ideas, defending our work, and inspiring others. Most people get nervous when presenting. Not everyone knows that there are tricks of the trade when it comes to overcoming nerves, planning for success, and handling resistance, along with much more.


If you’ve ever wondered how to handle various presentation situations, submit your questions to this thread. Kathleen Armstrong of KDA and Associates, LLC will be moderating the discussion and answering questions on October 20th.  Kathleen has over 30 years of experience as presenter and facilitator and lots share when it comes to specific strategies and skills that will turn you in to a “Fabulous Facilitator”!


Types of questions Kathleen can answer around presenting and facilitating:


How can I get over my nerves and sound more confident?


How can I strategically incorporate participation opportunities, whether face-to-face or over the phone?


How can I stop my “Verbal Graffiti”?  (Ums, Ahs, like, etc.)