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POS terminal and Express Interface API

Question asked by riggy on Sep 11, 2017
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Since it's my first post, I'd like to introduce myself - my name is Krzysztof Rygielski and I'm a software developer (obviously). I'm currently attempting to develop a solution for my client, which would involve having credit cards terminals in multiple stores/places/you call it. Whenever transaction would be initiated or it's status would change, we would need our app to be notified about that, in order to proceed with certain after transaction operations.


As much as I went through the docs, I was able to deduce that Express Interface API would be the way to go, with use of Hosted Payments - please correct me if I'm wrong. Although it's not entirely clear for me if having a, for example, Ingenico payment terminal configured to work with vantiv backend processing would be enough. Would I still require any additional tools, hardware (for example, for Hosted Payments Window option) in order to work with that?


I apologize if this was talked about somewhere before or if I missed a certain piece of docs. If so, could anyone please direct me to place in docs (or in the community forum), where I would be able to figure it out in more detail? I'm simply trying to find the best and most convenient solution - so far Vantiv seems to be able to provide one, but I'd still need a bit of help.


Thanks in advance!