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Can't send TransactionQuery request (Express Interface API)

Question asked by eegorov on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by kmartin

I am trying to implement Hosted Payment Page method for Web store (The configuration is Web browser - My Server - https:// gateway).


My workflow is :

1. Client (web browser) sends /payment request (our internal method) to Server.

2. Server sends successfully TransactionSetup xml request to https://, got the TrasactionSetupID and reply it to the client.

3. Client redirects to Hosted Pay Page form, user populates the form and the gateway redirects back with HostedPaymentStatus=Complete status and other params.

4. Client sends /payment_complete request (our internal method) to confirm the transaction (sends TrasactionSetupID).

All is ok before the next step:

5. Server have to be sure that the operation is completed successfully (then it will create the payment record in our DB). I am trying to send TransactionQuery requests as it's described in your Express Interface API v2.8.4.pdf document: "The POS can now programmatically query Element’s real-time reporting API, TransactionQuery, using the TransactionSetupID for the specific purchase, to obtain the asynchronous result of the payment transaction."


I've sent the request by analogy to TransactionSetup one:

<TransactionQuery xmlns="">
















the request params are:

url: "",

method: "POST",

headers: {

       "content-type": "text/xml;charset=\"utf-8\"",

       "accept": "text/xml"



It replies with the body message:


<Response xmlns=''><Response><ExpressResponseCode>103</ExpressResponseCode><ExpressResponseMessage>The '' element is not declared.</ExpressResponseMessage></Response></Response>


What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.